Thursday, 28 July 2011

phone hacking - get £50,000 credit

Many words are grabbing the headlines at the moment. My favourite over the last few years has been 'austerity'. This word has a number of meanings but for me it is enforced or extreme economy.

For me, the current economic conditions are no worse than in the 1980's when inflation was running high, unemployment was high, in the UK

There is a paradox between having what is required, in the form of sustenance, shelter and mobility for living a basic life, as opposed to a consumerist,voracious consumption and false assets accrual, existence.

Opposite to this there is a certain pleasure that I gain in living a frugal life, whilst looking at how others may stupidly get themselves into debt by following populist societal norms, or what are regarded as the norms.

For me, a more pleasurable but old fashioned societal norm is the use of scraps to make something useful that can be used again to  reduce consumption.

e.g. bubble and squeak, bread and butter pudding etc...  if you have a wood burner, roaming local woodland for wind-fallen fuel.

The simple but effective method of frugality has its roots in war-time Britain, when rationing meant you had to make do with what you had.

Thus when I hear people whingeing about having to economise and living without luxuries, then I have no empathy as materialism is the root of the current evils prowling our modern society.

I believe the materialistic mantra has been fuelled by access to easy credit. To prove this, I am going to apply for as many credit cards as I can, without using them at all.

My hunch is I will be able to accrue £50,000 credit in a month.

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