Monday, 11 July 2011

Mumsnet and the new era organic baby

Having recently had the pleasure of being part of a baby-sitting trio for a relative, it got me thinking?

If I had my time over again, would I be able to do things differently and save money?

Certainly when my children were growing up, I did not have access to the choices parents have now, with the advent of online shopping. Nevertheless, we did a good job as parents in ensuring that our children got the best level of nutrition we could afford.

I noticed one of the meals that the baby was fed was organic. Which normally equates to more expensive.Certainly we could not afford organic products when our children were toddlers.

However, having done a cursory check on baby food prices, I find that organic products, certainly in baby food, are no more expensive.

I used the trusty Amazon site to find the best deal, beating even the supermarkets, if you can get free delivery, and buy in bulk, say 6 or 12 jars.

Prices ranged from £3.51 per kg for non-organic to £9.93 per Kg for the most expensive organic. a middle ground opportunity was in the form of an organic product that retailed at £4.64 per kg.

Now given that diced,lean beef costs £9.94 at todays' prices, then I would as a cost-conscious parent, opt for the middle ground organic product, satisfying price and personal preference criteria.

There are alternatives to even this clear money-saving example.
That is, for children to be weaned on home-grown, home-cooked baby meals. I guess with the right preparation, the right tools and storage options this would be a fun and satisfying way to feed your baby.

If I look at the organic example above, then to make your own from scratch I guess may cost around the same?

If I look at 4 vegetables from the Aldi 79p range, and some budget chicken then I could make 1kg of baby food for £4.2

Arguably, it would not be organic but you could be sure everything you were putting in was of good quality.

Roll on the grandchildren.

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