Sunday, 17 July 2011

laptops - what is a good price to pay?

Looking at the recent technological developments with the I-pad and products that are similar in nature, it begs the question whether or not laptops are a good buy, at all.

Having researched the markets it seems that initially, I would need to pay £350 for a  decent laptop, and possibly £500 plus for an I pad or similar.I do not need portability so the decision will be for a laptop.

The thing that I find remarkable is the stagnation in the market, there is nothing that jumps out at me that would encourage me to buy right now?? this is a frustrating situation as I want to make a purchase but cannot find a single point to buy from??

The machine I want would be fairly basic but the criteria is Windows 7, 2gb RAM and 300Gb HDD.

The results of my search:

Amazon: Acer Aspire £260

Kelkoo, sorry, too complicated to progress...

PC World :£329.97 ASUS NP-S3510-A02UK

Best buy: - £299 Toshiba Satellite C660-1JR

e-bay- £269 Toshiba Satellite C660-1JR (no returns accepted - so won't go there)

My research thus far leads me to one newcomer to the market, Best Buy, and a trusted supplier, Amazon.

So, a little bit of basic research takes me back to Amazon, who have been great on customer service on everything I have purchased from them, thus far.

Thanks for reading.

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