Thursday, 7 July 2011

Free of constraints - where will it take you??

Whilst growing up, I thought that to live a carefree life would only be possible if you were to have an excessive amount of cash/property/assets. This seemed a Utopian vision that was achievable by hard work, being enslaved to the corporate model and a little luck?
As I quickly found out, greed and avarice fuel the consumerist society and it takes a hard-nosed, slightly tainted and immoral persona to succeed in business, IMHO.
Additionally, unless you follow the path through to higher education, which I didn't, it becomes clear that whatever your talents, it is sometimes who you know, not what you know??

However, as we all mature and get a grasp of what our raison d'etre is, and how our lives are shaped, there are choices we can make that allow us to be more independent of external influences.
As it turns out, less is more. A more frugal lifestyle is easier to manage and maintain than the black hole of progressive spending.

The things that I have personally been able to do whilst living under the banner of M.S.ext is:

To spend more time with my, now, grown up children,  better late than never is better than not at all, as you cannot put a value on the precious time spent nurturing your family, nor indeed the relationship with your partner;

To have more time to pursue hobbies and actually enjoy them without the possibility of 'burn-out' through being over-tired and stressed balancing work and home life;

I am healthier, there is a lot to be said for taking control of your own lifestyle and dictating the pace at which you live;

I have the time to makes clear and conscientious choices and can decide where I invest my time, energy and money based on my own values and experiences.

I hope every-one has the opportunity to sample this heady mix, before they are 66.

Thanks for reading.

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