Monday, 26 November 2012

How to get rid of verrucas and warts

A pretty disgusting topic but, I guess we all get Verrucas or warts from time to time.....

In a previous post I mentioned covering them with duct tape, this works to an extent but will not clear you totally. I reverted to a very strong acid as prescribed by my doctor: Salicylic acid.

The regime that I have adopted is :
File the affected area with emery board;
Apply the Salicylic acid as per OME instructions;
Apply a normal plaster/band-aid.

The effect of the plaster is fairly dramatic as it keeps the acid applied to the affected area and softens the verruca or wart at the same time.

If you maintain this regime it may work for you, it has for me. The affects are noticeable after around two weeks. Please ensure you obtain advice from your doctor, my views are just of my personal experience and do not constitute medical advice.

Good luck....

Saturday, 17 November 2012

psoriasis cure and treatment warts and all

Hi all,

I recently underwent quite a transformation with regard to my health. In a previous post you can see how I dealt with hives, which made me think long and hard about how I was living my life.

So, it was a little surprising when I developed patches of psoriasis on my neck and knees. It is not extensive, but as I had lead a pretty trouble-free life with regard to my health, it was a surprise to be faced with such small, but actually significant issues.

When you have a skin condition, it can easily become all-consuming as it affects your self esteem, especially if the affected area is visible.

So, when I came across a 'free' sample of a treatment for psoriasis, I thought I would give it a go.

The following link will take you to salcura, which is the product that I have used, to great effect. The psoriasis patches on my neck and knees are virtually gone, as I followed the regime of daily application of Salcura dermaspray, followed by a Zeoderm skin moisturiser. The results were almost immediate and I was very relieved to be getting rid of psoriasis.

So for all the expensive treatments out there, then this is the one that works for me. Good luck. warts and all

p.s. my doctor recently gave me a tip to get rid of verrucas - cover the affected area with duct tape. so far so good, I think it is going to work.....

Monday, 12 November 2012

spend or save

Hey ho,

I have often wondered how my consumption affects the health of the nation...

Many esteemed economists have written on this, but surely, it is how the individual decides to spend or manage their money that matters.

Personal economic activity is surely affected by:
Experiential activity, how did my parents, peers or guardians manage their wealth?
What were or are the lessons that I have learnt about personal money management?
Societal influence aspirational and current peer pressure, keeping up with others
Lifestyle choices
Political persuasion
And of course, income and assets available;

Thus, my philosophy is one of:
Do not spend what you cannot afford to pay back;
Always have a buffer of a nominal amount that will get you out of trouble if you fall on hard times;
Spend only when it is necessary i.e. when an item breaks down such as a washing machine or dryer;

The lessons that I learnt very early on were that it is not a good feeling when you have nothing and there is a sense of jealousy and yearning when you see what others have.

Thus I have embarked on a mission of discovery, what makes the economy and/or the money markets tick.

I am shocked/saddened by the behaviour of individuals in corporate and public life so who can we trust??

My sense is that you can trust only those that you know. So, if I wish to invest, I need to know the company and the people/product.

I have been at the top table in a private company and it is a little scary that such (stupid) individuals were handling £34 million pounds and eventually losing it all.

And so, I must seek out a method of earning money and adding to society, which satisfies both of my curiosities.

The search is on for a venture that suits me. I will try out a loose theory of the following:
What I like doing, what are my values, how will any venture benefit me and society, how will I leave my mark on this world.

Let's go.
self worth;
Helping others;
Not stealing the limelight;
Practical applications;
Return on investment;
Earth materials.

Simple list, easy choices (not)  TBC
So, spend or save. Save what you can for rainy days, spend what makes you happy but is not wasted money.