Monday, 26 November 2012

How to get rid of verrucas and warts

A pretty disgusting topic but, I guess we all get Verrucas or warts from time to time.....

In a previous post I mentioned covering them with duct tape, this works to an extent but will not clear you totally. I reverted to a very strong acid as prescribed by my doctor: Salicylic acid.

The regime that I have adopted is :
File the affected area with emery board;
Apply the Salicylic acid as per OME instructions;
Apply a normal plaster/band-aid.

The effect of the plaster is fairly dramatic as it keeps the acid applied to the affected area and softens the verruca or wart at the same time.

If you maintain this regime it may work for you, it has for me. The affects are noticeable after around two weeks. Please ensure you obtain advice from your doctor, my views are just of my personal experience and do not constitute medical advice.

Good luck....

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