Monday, 24 March 2014

It pays - again - to complain

I am always surprised at the lack of energy that is applied when things go wrong. I am a serial complainer, not just to gain recompense for myself. Any service or product offering needs to satisfy the consumer that it is fit for purpose. Only by gaining continual feedback from their customers can producers and service industries improve. I know, because I work in a position where a product is created and sold. Thus, I have a fair idea how the customer may feel when they receive poor service. The things that I complain about are those that have affected me adversely. For example, I ate a chocolate bar that contained a piece of woody stalk from a plant. The producer admitted that it was not part of the product and created a hazard for the customer. I received a refund of £14 for a 70p candy bar...... Not all complaints get a return, but, it is better to have tried. The pen is mightier than the sword.. just put it in writing.


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