Sunday, 5 October 2014

Ode to the righteous

When we work for the protection of others, we are selfless'

When we comfort others we are selfless,

We fear no evil, nor hurt nor pain, when our spirit is extinguished,

There can be no more thought, nor fear nor longing, only peace,

As we look to shield others from harm, from hurt,

We become above the reality of life, the chaos that surround our differences,

Our blood is our own, and cannot be used for the furtherance of evil,

Our blood can be spilt, but will regenerate through the common thought of selflessness

When we look in the eye of the child and see the question, see the plea,

We selflessly respond and answer the question that cannot be claimed by the child,

When the light is extinguished, another is created through the transfer of good,

With the peace that arrives, there is no judge, only that of what we have achieved.

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