Sunday, 8 March 2015

replacing Nissan Juke front fog lamps


I recently bought a Nissan Juke 2011 and found the front fog lamp was broken.

Having read the potential costs of replacing a fog lamp upwards of £200 I decided to have a go myself.

Firstly, I purchased a part from the internet at a cost of £28.37 total. the company was   Service was prompt.

The first thing you have to do is park your vehicle on a flat surface. Turn the wheel so that you can access the front bumper on the side you are changing. Take out the keys from the ignition for your own safety.

When completing this task, always consider your safety and that of others. If unsure, do not attempt as I completed this task by myself and with due regard to safety. Use a mat on the floor or garage mechanics trolley. I cannot be held responsible for your safety....... nor any damage to your vehicle. This is a recollection of how I completed the task.

Using a plastic implement, such as a spatula, or a proper motor trade fish bone, lever gently off the front wheel arch trim (Black plastic moulding) to approx. half way up the wheel arch. this will release 4-5 clips and allow I put the spatula between the body panel and gently worked up until I felt the resistance of the clips, then applied pressure to release the clips by levering out.

retrieve any fixings that are 'popped out for refit later,

Remove any bolts and clips from right underneath the bumper.

Inside the wheel arch, there are 4~5 fixings that are plastic and need to be prised out using a small, slim, flat-bladed screwdriver. If you shine a torch or have a good source of light, you will see a small recess in these clips, into which the screwdriver is inserted and then lever out the clips by working under the centre piece of the clip.

There is a further black clip and Phillips head screwdriver where the lower bumper is attached to the upper, remove these.

Complete this operation for the opposite side wheel arch.

when done, take 30 seconds to think about what is coming next.

Sit in front of the bumper and place your hands between upper and lower bumper. You will feel some 'tangs' or lever-type pieces of plastic which hold the two pieces of bumper together. Push these down and it should release the lower bumper one 'tang' at a time. If you do not get it right first time, play around somewhat by moving the lower bumper around, up and down, and they will come loose.

When the lower bumper becomes loose, rest it gently on the floor, on a piece of card or blanket, to prevent damage.

you should now see the lower bumper attached to the fog lamps wire harness. Simply press the 'tang, on the top of the harness connection and you should be able to remove the connection.

There is a housing covering the fog lamp, 10mm nuts which need to be removed. Put the housing and nuts to one side.

Remove both sides. Now, whichever lamp you are replacing, you will need to remove the main housing, which is 1 small screws, Phillips head, Remove these.

Now for the reassembly.

Put the new fog lamp and housing together, aligning the tabs and screw hole, screw in the securing screw.

Replace the lamp into the housing by aligning the two parts.

Place this housing back onto the bumper and tighten the 10 mm bolts. as required.


At this stage turn on your ignition and check that the lamp works.

Now, gently offer up the lower bumper to the upper which easily slides into place, once you have a couple of clips aligned, I started at one end to ensure I was aligned.

Once the lower bumper is clipped back in, you can start to replace the clips and screws underneath the bumper, the screw and clip on the inside of the wheel arch, holding upper and lower together, This should mean your lower bumper is now fully affixed to the upper. Reinsert the clips into the wheel arch liners either side. The clips expand when you put them in, so you have to 'open then up' by pulling the centre of the clip out before re-inserting. I used my teeth to do this, but I would not recommend you do this.

Finally, re-attach the wheel arch moulding, which is simply to clip the moulding back into place. align the clips with the body holes and gently push home on the outside of the moulding.

Job done and you have just saved your self > £200.

happy motoring.

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