Monday, 27 June 2011

calorific intake - manage your lifestyle and gain £250 p.a.

I have recently calculated my BMI = 25.65

I have always thought of myself as fairly lean, but not so on the above calculation.

This is/was calculated as a spur to try and stem the swell of my burgeoning waist-line...

The recommended calorific intake is 2550 for a man. I am going for 2000 a day and see what happens.

I guess the theme of this blog is money-saving and I believe it is proven that a leaner, healthier lifestyle is better for you, and I wager, cheaper.I am estimating, £250 p.a. cheaper.

So, what are the things I need to avoid.
Chocolate,crisps,pastries,fried food.This won't be easy.
However, my speciality of eating left-overs or making meals out of 'passed sell-by date' food are almost legendary. It is a criminal waste that food just over the best-by date is thrown. The best-by date is to protect litigation on the part of the supermarket (IMHO), so i wager that if you pass the deadline fr eating by 1 or 2 days, as long as the food is thoroughly cooked then it should be OK. I have had no ill-effects yet.

Also, my waste bin is almost all dry-packaging as almost no food waste goes in, if it does it goes with the organic recycling, so making a more hygenic waste bin.

So, my aim is to limit the amount of hard dairy product, to eat leaner meat and lower fatty carbohydrates. 
I have always eaten home-cooked meals so this will be an easy test, certainly in reducing ready-made or processed food, of which I am to eat zero for a week.

Let's get started.

No crisps/snacks = £2 per week
No chocolate = £2 per week
No fast food meals = £5 per month

Thus, easily making a saving of £268

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