Thursday, 23 June 2011

swap shop - increase your pension by £500

Another day, another deal.

I have managed to procure a larger bed for my daughter by trading with a relative. He has got a single, lounge bed, I got a double divan.

Thus, no money has passed to the corporate giants to whom we slavishly consume .
There is value in the lounge bed, but I believe the zero cost transaction is best as the money I put aside for the purchase of said bed, £500, minus the value in the lounge bed, £100 I can now put into my pension.
The idea behind trading rather than using cash obviously appeals as you keep your hard-earned money on your own pocket.

A flip-side to this is the environmental impact of extending the life of goods. i.e. reduced raw material consumption,less energy as nothing new is being made and a reduction in the amount of waste going to landfill/incineartion.

I have decided to look at a new economic model for my families finances as I do not trust the government, of any political persuasion, and the financiers that run the global economy.I am sure that a big default is coming and this will rock the worlds' finances again and we, the minnows will have to shoulder the burden. there has to be an alternative to the systemic avarice and risk on which our hard-earned money is gambled.

I am goingto look at a hybrid model that combines rock-solid guarantess and a partial exposure to markets.

So, £400 goes into the pension and by completing the zero-cost transaction the compound figure would accrue £528
The running total is now £2631 plus the meagre contribution above  = £2632.85

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