Tuesday, 30 October 2012

gas and electricity management

Hey ho,

There is a lot of talk about Gas and electricity prices in the UK right now.

I guess that they (the big energy companies) do not care about how each consumer will pay the increases? that ritually occur every winter. Essentially, in the end I think it will out that the energy prices are being rigged, just as LIBBOR was.

So, how to fight back..

First write to your MP complaining about the constant rises.

I did this today.

Secondly, write to your energy company, requesting the breakdown of how they are justifying the energy price increases under the freedom of information act.

The only way to beat the energy companies at their own game is to use less.

Try the following:

Switch off all sockets at the wall every night;
Wash and dry on economy seven,if it is available to you;
get free insulation if you haven't already got it;
Invest in warmer bedding so you don't need the heating on during the night;
Use hot water bottles to give warmth when first retiring at night.

Switch off heating 15 Min's before going to bed;
do not leave central heating on  during the day if you are out, try to use a low power oil filled radiator or similar to keep temperature at least bearable.
Lag your pipes;
Ensure the oven is full when you bake/cook, maximising the heat generated;

Don't turn on the heating unless absolutely necessary. I just put on a jumper.

I believe that we have been somewhat duped by the 'monry advice' experts. Unless you are living in a technological bubble, you should be on an OK tariff. try switching, the most you will save is around £80 p.a. Thus, a better approach is to ring or mail your supplier, asking for the best deal. Try it..

Many thanks

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